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Heidi Kirby at The Amusement Park:
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Heidi Kirby

Director of Events & Live Shows

“My favorite color? White. The kind that stares back at you from a blank sheet of paper.”

The words “cacophony” and “facetious” were on her birth announcement, so I guess you could say that her future as a wordsmith was fated from the beginning. It all started with her father, a second-generation writer who became a leading national marketing executive and her mother, and an actress who lit up the stage. She ended up with the best of both worlds—a knack for public speaking and the savvy to understand the business of business. These gifts lead to a creative cacophony of memorable campaigns for Anheuser Bush, executive speeches for Dr. Pepper, live stage shows for Mary Kay, catchy jingles for music houses in New York and L.A., and whimsical half-hour programming for Barney, the purple dinosaur. With over 30 years of experience as a professional writer, she believes that words matter. And she’s not being facetious.