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Jacob Miles

Director of Media & Entertainment

“Life can’t be all fun and games, but 40% of your profits can be. Just ask George Lucas.”

When we first toyed with the idea of launching an agency to explore the outer limits of creativity, Jacob Miles immediately came to mind. After all, he’s the guy who helped George Lucas launch a merchandising rocket that was light-years ahead of its time and responsible for a $9 billion payload. This down-to-earth action figure also carved out a space for himself as an internet pioneer, social media guru and niche marketing Jedi Master while serving as advisor to Vice President Al Gore’s Digital Divide Initiatives, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of GrapevineStar™ Media and Chairman & CEO of the Urban Television Network. Indeed, the force is with him. Which may explain why he’s been featured in the Wall Street Journal, appeared on the Today Show and received the coveted Martin Luther King Humanitarian Award.