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During my forty-five years as a young designer to owning my own brand marketing agency, I have worked with and met many very bright and talented people from around the world.

Kachada is based on one of those, and his character was developed around this very unusual and brilliant person, that I will call John.

I had the pleasure of working with John and getting to know his family. I hired John as a freelance writer and as a full-time CD writer. From that point on, he and I worked on creative campaigns together and became best of friends.

I used his life as a thread to develop the Kachada character and naturally took creative leeways to enhance the storyline.

As bizarre as his life was, this story takes that world and stretches it into a thrilling series of books that reveals the battle of a man who had to live his life one minute at a time.

The world of Kachada is a twisted series of events that thrust him into a part of the world we normal folk know exists but most never have to be confronted with.

This is a study of how your ancestry has a great deal to do with your future as Kachada finds out during his travels to leave this world a better place than when he arrived in it.

Kachadas’ life was meant to be anything but normal, as you will see while he uncovers parts of his world one chapter at a time.

In many ways, this fiction thriller is a love story about a man’s battle with life and his struggle to add minutes to his life.

If you enjoy the unpredictable and twisted tour of exposing your emotions from sad to exhaustion, then Kachada will not let you down.

If you’re not one who enjoys an emotional journey, then I would suggest you not peek inside of Kachada’s life, and turn off your local news.

KACHADA: LIFE OF MY STORY: PART ONE, is 92,000 word world unlike any you have ever been invited into before.