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Carlos Rivero

Strategic Partner for U.S. Hispanic Market

“Translating English into Spanish is easy. Translating it into greater market share, now, that’s the hard part.”

Over 50 million Americans speak fluent Spanish, but few truly understand it the way Carlos Rivero does. And that’s good news for any CMO trying to gain a firm foothold in the growing U.S. Hispanic market. You see, Carlos knows from experience that the biggest obstacle to increased market share isn’t the language barrier; it’s the cultural one. Scaling this barrier may seem like a tall order at first, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor since over $1 trillion in disposable income is waiting for you on the other side. Trust us, an English-Spanish pocket dictionary won’t get you there. You need an experienced cultural Sherpa like Carlos Rivero—someone who’s lead major global brands such as McDonald’s, Nestlé and Daimler-Chrysler to the mountaintop without a single misstep.