We don’t need a carnival barker to attract a crowd.

The NFL, (Not For Long)

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As an avid NFL Football Fan ever since I can remember Sunday in our house was all about football. It was a sport that had become a tradition even before the NFL became the number one sports brand in the country. In the 60s it was Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, Chevrolet, and Baseball. Then the NFL and the AFL became one and the Super Bowl changed everything. Since the late 70’s the number one sports brand was the NFL. It became a giant icon for gladiator entertainment launching athletic brands, networks, and super stadiums become entertainment...

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The Inspiration Behind Kachada’s Story

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During my forty-five years as a young designer to owning my own brand marketing agency, I have worked with and met many very bright and talented people from around the world. Kachada is based on one of those, and his character was developed around this very unusual and brilliant person, that I will call John. I had the pleasure of working with John and getting to know his family. I hired John as a freelance writer and as a full-time CD writer. From that point on, he and I worked on creative campaigns together and became best of friends. I...

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The Residual of the Amazing World of Technology

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All of us have those mentors that were unselfish in taking the time to teach us what college could not, in taking the secrets of years of experience that would become the most important ingredient to our achieving success in our careers. Well, mine was a creative department unlike any I have been part of since the beginning of my career. Its leader was the Executive Creative Director and Creative whisperer, John Howard. John assembled a talented group of thoughtful and skilled persons who loved teaching and mentoring us young know-nothing...

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Fly Naked, Today!

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I’ve been in the marketing and advertising business for over 23 years, specializing primarily in the U.S. Hispanic market. Although the U.S. Hispanic market is experiencing a significant shift that is transforming its new generations into bicultural and bilingual individuals a significant need for the use of the Spanish language remains for this segment of the population. Some may even argue that this need is increasing. With over 320 million Spanish-speakers around the globe, the world’s largest companies are starting to see...

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“JCPenney” …is it still a great brand?

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Cotton Candy @ The Amusement Park – Every great brand has a soul…a reason to exist. And naturally, over the course of its lifetime, every great brand encounters challenges and lessons to be learned that offer insight into what makes it, truly “it!” Something undeniably unique. An icon. Not merely a copycat. To remain relevant and unique in the eyes of a fickle public, every great brand needs to evolve without changing the essence of who it is or what it stands for. In short, it must sell itself without selling its soul. There...

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JCPenney, a brand… “Lost in Space”.

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Cotton Candy @ The Amusement Park – Okay, what does the JCPenney brand stand for? Does anyone know? Does anyone have an idea? Does the CEO or Chairman of JCPenney know? Do any of their past, present or, dare I say, future customers know? Hey, how about all those ex-Chairmen, CEOs, Presidents and CMOs out there who were hired and fired over the past 16 years, do they even know? Did they even have a clue? Well, if you look at the brand today, the answer is an emphatic “NO!” This brand is a floating in space like a UFO. The question...

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I love Johnny Football…”Because he’s Johnny Advertising”.

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Cotton Candy @ The Amusement Park – Johnny Football, blow off all your naysayers. They all represent the norm, the traditional elements that say play the game the way we did and fit into our predetermined image of what we want you to be. Show respect to those who you play against and those who played the game before you. Respect the rich tradition of college football. In other words, be what everyone else expects you to be because that’s how it has been for years. Be great, not controversial on the field, and don’t be...

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So, when’s the last time a client…”Pulled a Knife on YOU”?

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Cotton Candy @ The Amusement Park – It was a very cold winter day, the kind that you tuck our chin into your chest as you walk down the narrow city streets on a bone chilling grey day. There were many a day like that, but this one was about to be tagged as one that would forever become folklore in our tight knit ad community. Our agency had a brought in a new client and was arriving that morning. One of our young teams had been awarded the sexy new assignment. I was envious, that I was not on that team, because I saw it as a chance to...

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Don’t sell…”Present”.

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Cotton Candy @ The Amusement Park – We all have been in new business pitches where we were either made it through to round two of an RFP or were asked to introduce our company and brand to a CEO, CMO or company representative that was looking for marketing help on their brand(s). I love those opportunities, because it forces you to think about what you have built, what kind of clients your brand should focus on and what is it that makes your brand so unique. We all have the case studies, the reels, the agency structures and processes...

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OMG! It’s… “The Eddie Haskell of Advertising!”

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Cotton Candy @ The Amusement Park – “That’s a lovely dress you’re wearing, Mrs. Cleaver.” “Your smile lights up the room.” “You hair is so beautiful.” That is called an Eddie Haskell, a character, from the TV sitcom “Leave it to Beaver” played by Ken Osmond. His unctuous politeness to everybody became a cultural reference in the late 50’s and early 60’s, recognized as an archetype for insincerity. Back-in-the-day, you could be a two-faced creep and pull the Eddie...

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