Why this creative agency has left the building: No sense paying for resources you’ll never use? Otherwise, all you’ll get at the end of the quarter is the distinct impression that more time and energy went into choosing their furniture than building your brand.

It shouldn’t cost a fortune to look like a Fortune 500 company.

Today’s technology has given artists, brand strategists and cultural pundits the freedom to perform their magic, draft their blueprint and mold public opinion outside the walls of their cubicles. Which is why we believe—daring as this may sound—that the only space you should be paying for is the space between our ears.

So skip the brick and mortar. Skip the $10,000 conference table. Skip the proprietary brand process mumbo-jumbo. Oh, yeah! And skip all those re-revised estimates? Now you’re ready for the ride of your life, an unforgettable experience that defies gravity and conventional wisdom.

Welcome to The Amusement Park, where results are more important than addresses, budgets are stretched, not the truth, and exhilaration is a constant companion.