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Scott Monaco on : Audibly Silent. Visually Loud.™ : Providing Content Creation, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Intellectual Property Consulting, Illustration, Design, Toys, Games, CPG, Children's Books / Kidlit, Children's Illustration, and more.
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Scott Monaco

Strategic Partner for Digital Communications

“If corporate America spends billions on social media, why are they so socially inept?”

This “paean” belongs in the Witness Protection Program because, by all accounts, he knows too much. Word on the street is that Scott has two brains: the left one was the mastermind behind Spiniker Media Group, QuietYell and MeMe & My World Inc. while the right one accepts full responsibility for creating and distributing next-generation games, mobile apps, product licensing and rich social media worldwide. Revealing insider information like this makes some folks nervous—namely, our rivals—as does sharing his vast knowledge of cross-cultural branding, digital animation, web design and other unconventional media channels. So it should come as no surprise that Scott has plenty of street cred on Wall Street, Main Street and Madison Avenue. Consequently, it doesn’t matter if he’s working under the gun or not. No one can shoot holes in his body of work because it’s socially responsible.